Blank Skateboard Wheels - Beauty Lies In Simplicity

When the skateboard was invented, it simply comprised of a wooden plank. Later, the trucks, wheels, bearings and other hardware were fitted onto it, to give it a smoother ride. With changing times, the skateboarders became bored of the plain looking skateboards and decided to make them look more attractive. Blank skateboard wheels are just another example of it. Initially, only the skateboard deck was decorated but with time skateboarders even started decorating the other parts of the skateboard including the wheels. Blank skateboard wheels thus started having different graphics on them.

Today, you would find skateboard wheels in a variety of colors and graphics. They may be as simple as having multi-color bands on them or may have the brand's logo on a colored background. Many skateboard wheels have cartoon characters as well as images of famous skateboarders on them. Even in this trend of extensive graphics blank skateboard wheels continue to find a market of their own.

Blank skateboard wheels, as the name suggests, are wheels having no graphics or designs on them. They simply come in single colors. White, red, yellow, green, blue and black are the most common colors of these wheels. You can choose the color of your skateboard wheels to match the color of your skateboard deck. Just like their graphical counterparts, these wheels are available in various sizes and durometer values. Moreover, the price at which you can buy these wheels is much less than what you would pay to buy the designer skateboard wheels.

There is one main reason why people still opt for the blank skateboard wheels. The skateboard wheels tend to rotate at very high speeds. At such a high speed the complex graphics are virtually invisible. All that one can see is the background color and that too is seen only when it covers a larger area than the graphics on them. This is one aspect where the blank skateboard wheels score over their graphical counterparts.

The blank skateboard wheels are just like a blank canvas in the hands of an artist. Just as he uses his brush and imagination to bring to life some of the best forms of art, skateboarders can use these skateboard wheels to express their creativity. In this process they give their skateboard wheels a unique appearance. With the help of various logos they can further enhance the beauty of these skateboard wheels.

The graphics on the deck are bigger and more often observed, but the graphics on the wheels are observed only when the skateboard is held up. Also, after a few days of skateboarding, the wheels become dirty and the graphics on them tend to fade away. The partial remains of the graphics tend to make the skateboard wheels look even uglier. This is another reason why so many skateboarders are avoiding the numerous graphically designed wheels and are opting for blank skateboard wheels. Thus, we can say that beauty lies in simplicity.


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