Cool Skateboarding Tricks That You Should Learn To Show Your Skill

Here below are just a few simple tricks for you to try if you are done with the beginner tricks and you are wanting to learn something that you can show your friends at home when you are skateboarding with them.

The bomb drop is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book of skateboarding. All you do is get up on a high platform and with a good flat or ramp like landing you drop off the platform with the board in your hand and try to land on the flat or ramp to make the bomb drop. It is a very simple trick and is often called an acid drop as well. You just drop from a high platform and try to land on the board at the bottom.

It isn't the safest trick to start out trying to learn but it isn't that dangerous if you have gotten used to your skateboard and are not falling to much you should be able to prefect this trick easy and quick.

This trick, called the Boneless One, has been around for a long time but it is hard to get down when you are just starting out for the first few years. All you do is jump up with the board and at the same time come back down with your feet. The catch is you have one foot on the board when you leave the ground and you have one foot still on the ground. The other name for this trick is no comply and it is a pretty difficult trick to learn for a beginner.

Even though it sounds hard it is not that hard if you are a skateboarder and have been skating for a little while now. Most skateboarding trick though are going to be hard and you need to know your limits when you are skateboarding. The last thing you will need to do is break a bone before you even start learning any cool tricks. So be careful when you are trying to learn to skateboard and do cool tricks. You also need to remember to wear your pads so you don't get any scraps or scratches or even gashes to where you have to get stitches. Stitches are something that you do not want to have to get if you get hurt that is the last thing that you want when you are a beginner skateboarder.

The coffin trick is probably the oldest trick in the history of skateboarding; it is right up there with the Ollie, the basic skateboarding trick. All you do is lie down on your board on your back and ride. Even though it sounds easy you have to go from standing up to lying down and it can get hard when you are cruising a few miles an hour trying to lie down on your back. The coffin is I think the oldest trick and the easiest because all you are doing is lying down on your skateboard.


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